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Welcome to Circit's Trust Centre.

Here at Circit, ‘Trust Assurance’ is our nature and nurture. As auditors we not only understand what's entailed in delivering audit programs but understand how to deliver value and trust assurance by providing you our Circit platform placing control back to you - the audit manager.

By design, we deliver audit practice transparency, platform and data security, privacy protection by providing assurance that we will maintain our globally recognised industry best practice standards, certification and accreditation.

We strive to meet and exceed your expectations as our customers, our partners, our employees and our shareholders. This involves keeping you all updated on how we deliver to our operational excellence strategy. Our operational excellence strategy being delivering quality Trust Assurance services balancing cost and risk.

It also involves keeping you informed on our daily operations including the latest status updates, security and privacy announcements and best practices. We maintain our transparent culture, with Trust Assurance being our default action on how we design, deliver and operate.

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PaloAlto GlobalProtect - PAN-OS VPN Critical Zero Day

GeneralCopy link

PaloAlto have listed vulnerable versions of the product and advised patches and mitigations. Circit can confirm that this issue does not affect us.

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